Stainless Steel Butterfly Shape Nail Art Color Palette and Spatula /Makeup Cream Foundation Mixing Nail Tools set

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High quality stainless steel material, makes it smooth and professional texture. It's very easy to clean with just clean water or with a little detergent as you like.

Applicable to any cosmetic, you are free to custom your eye shadows, lipstick, concealers, foundations, pigment etc. for any color and texture as you want.

Great for both professional and daily use.

The palette is excellent for mixing foundation, such as blending lip colors or Eye Shadow colors

stainless steel texture, noble and elegant

Modern artistic temperament, smooth texture, make creative color arbitrary sway

stainless steel Palette bright and clean, easy to clean, suitable for a variety of color cosmetics use

Stainless steel color handle, tough and smooth, unique, highly textured.

Beautiful butterfly shape is loved by many people.


Material: stainless steel

Color: stainless steel

Palette size: 105x71x0.8mm

Palette weight: 34g

Spatula size: 115x Φ5.7mm

Spatula weight: 12g


Stainless Steel material

Great for Both Professional use or Home use

The palette is excellent for mixing foundation

smooth texture

Beautiful butterfly shape

Handy Size


Package Included:

1 x Palette

1 x Spatula